Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Master and servant

My notebook's wireless internet connection is fucked. I have no idea why. This has happened before, many times, but usually all that took to fix it was to restart, re-plug, repair. But this time, none of these have worked. I think I'm starting to develeop a skin rash over this.

Anywhooooo, right now I'm waiting for O to be done with his bath, so I could jump in the shower. We've just been to the pool. The sun is out and I would have luuuuved to stay out a while more but I'm a parent/slave, so when the kids/masters say they've had enough what can I do but comply to their royal wishes. I do try to get back at them, all the time, you know. Like, shouting out:

"You big fool!"
"You completely crazy freakish freak!"
"Stinkiest stinker in the whole of Taipo!"
"Uttely uttering utterer duh!"
"What a load of blistering boisterous barnacles!"

When you can't say fuck and cunt and shit, you know, I do the best I can.

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