Thursday, April 06, 2006

de Botton

Picked up a couple of Alain de Botton books last night, both are his early ones I think, one on love and the other is a biography. I think he is/was a bit of a phenomenon, is/was he not? Anyhow, he has a website.

My reaction after seeing those pictures was WOW! he has gone bald! He had a full head of hair ten years ago. That's scary! He looks like an old man! He is one year younger than me!

I wonder if his nickname was "da bottom" in school.

I read only about 10 pages of the book on love; decided I quite like the way he writes. It's pretentious but not annoyingly so, and there are so many many words in each sentence. Yet! All those words seem to be there for a reason. Serve some purpose. Not in that annoying way that French and Italians write, with lots of words in each sentence and lots of sentences in each paragraph. Well, not that I read either French or Italian, though. Ha!

Well, if you have read him, please share your thoughts.


Jamie said...

Well, I flicked through that fake biography thing and I was thinking, well if you start with the assumption that your readers also like biographies, you could probably get them to read just about anything. I never heard of him before though.

Pierre said...

You not a biography reader then huh