Friday, April 28, 2006

I was being polite

Went to meet J's teacher tonight for a "parent teacher consultation". This is the second one this year (I think). We didn't go to the first one. Can't remember the exact reason but I think it's probably because we didn't think there's anything worth consulting.

But it would be rude to not go again, I thought. So this time we arranged to go. Only that B couldn't make it so I went by myself.

I really didn't want to go. But like I said, I didn't want to seem rude. It would seem disrespectful, would it not? You tell me. I really have no idea. Maybe the teacher would rather no parents showed up. Well that's what I would hope for, anyway, if I were the teacher.

It rained all day. It was still raining when I set off. It's a twenty-five minute leisurely walk to the school.

My calves were covered in vegetation by the time I got there.

I arrived five minutes early. The parents of another child were in the room, talking to the teacher. The door was left opened. The conversation I overheard was animated. There was laughter. Considerable range of intonation in their voices. Excitement, even.

Then they left. Then I entered.

I sat down. Teacher showed me a bunch of J's "work". Drawings, mostly. Some "English" and "Mathematics" workbooks.

I flipped through them, nodding, trying to look interested. The only interesting thing about the was how J made the letter "M" morphed into a monster in the copybook.

The teacher didn't really initiate any dialogue. I was getting mildly uncomfortable with the silence. So I went:

So.... is he doing okay?
Oh yes.... he's fine.
Ummm... that's good.
Ah... this is a drawing of himself?
Yah, he drew it! It is very funny.
...yes... quite funny.
And he did this too?
Ah yes, it's quite good.
.....I see....

And so it went on like that, for about fifteen minutes.

Finally I said, in the manner of a job interview,

Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?

She shrugged her shoulders, and grinned.

No, that's it.
Okay. Well.. I guess that's it then, I better get going.... thanks for your time.
Have a nice weekend!
Yes, you too.

It was still raining on my way back. More vegetation stuck to my calves. Plus one dead caterpillar.

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Anonymous said...

Basically the teacher isn't sure whether you got the note they sent home about what J did to the class bunny rabbit so doesn't know how up front to be with you. "After all," she surmises, "he got those tendencies from somewhere."