Thursday, April 27, 2006

Faking it

I stand by my claim that that IS a hidden mickey in the picture seen in my previous post. I called the Highways Department to check. A Mr Wong, of the Public Information and Enquiries Division, told me that the three circles is not copyrighted by Disney and therefore using it on a road sign is not an infringement of intellectual property rights.

And why is it not copyrighted? Because it is NOT a real Mickey. I rest my case.

Speaking of roads and cases, today I got a letter from the Magistrates' Courts telling me I have to pay $1080.00 for failing to pay a fixed penalty fine back in January. Which is so shocking! I really thought I had paid it. Although I do not have any proof of it. The original fine was $320, and to that they add on another $320 plus $440 "costs" (cost for court time and postage I guess).

On the subject of intellectual property, apparently a fake Ferrari has been found somewhere in Europe. It's made in China, of course. Only six Ferraris of that model are made each year, and the Chinese, who allegedly invented everything and can apparently make a fake of anything, made the seventh one. Fake Viagara, fake eggs, fake Louis Vuitton bags, fake Duracell, fake seaweed and fake Tempo pocket tissues are apparently child's play. We'll be seeing fake nuclear missiles next.


Anonymous said...

As a rule of thumb, anything that was not invented or discovered by the Chinese was invented or discovered by the ancient Egyptians, and vice versa.

However, I believe the Iraqis already cornered the market in fake nuclear weapons. Man, those grainy aerial photographs were convincing though.

Pierre said...

I wonder if fake fake breasts are big in China... I read on the bbc news site yesterday that Chinese women's average breast measurements have grown to a whopping (just under) 32 inches!

Pierre said...

Beg your pardon.... should be just under 33 inches, not 32... apologies

Jamie said...

Well, you would think it aximoatic that fake breasts are big everywhere, not just in China. I mean, why get small fake breasts.

Also, I object slightly to the profligate use of the term "fake". It's too negative. I fear its discouraging effect on women who might be considering enhancement. I prefer the term "more real". Or "fulfilled".

"I have had my boobs fulfilled."