Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A picture!

Hidden mickey, next to proposed new tattoo on my ass.


Jamie said...

Strictly speaking, that's not a hidden Mickey, but an actual Mickey. It would be a hdden Micky if it was not originally intended to be a Mickey.

I may be overthinking this.

Anonymous said...

Certainly if they're trying to hide that Mickey, they're making a poor fist of it.

Pierre said...

That is not an ACTUAL Mickey. It is three circular shapes put together in a particular way!

On disney channel the word "hidden" Mickey is used not in the sense of "obstructed from view".

Viewers are encouraged to identify three circular shapes positioned in a particular way, and are given positive reinforcement when this is achieved. Those Mickeys are not "hidden" in the conventional sense - they are "hidden" in that viewers need to stretch their imagination and retrieve schemata filed in their brains in order to "see" the Mickeys.


Jamie said...

But that Mickey is on a roadsign directing people to Disneyland. If it was like, three bullet holes in an unrelated sign, fortuitously arranged in the suggestive mickey pattern, that would be a hidden Mickey. As well as very sinister form of criminal damage.

Not, I'll grant you, as sinsister as the whole hidden Mickey phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in this instance the three circles suggesting the shape of Mickey's head are... Mickey's head. Sheesh.

I mean unless it isn't. Unless it's indicating three interlinked roundabouts en route to the airport. In which case I apologise.