Monday, April 03, 2006

Change to spare?

There are plenty of people who want to change the way their lives are going. Seemingly most common when people are at certain stages in their lives.

Typically, twenty-somethings who find themselves making good money but working too hard, and in a rare moment of clarity they catch themselves in the mirror and go, what the cocking cock* am I doing? Shouldn't I be lying on a beach writing poetry, strumming my guitar, chilling out with friends? Shouldn't I be spending more time finding/enjoying myself? Why am I working sixty-hour weeks and then blow $3,000 every weekend on over-priced cocktails, foie gras and taxi rides?

They fantasize about living a life of dignified poverty, making do with a wardrobe of five t-shirts, a jumper and two pairs of jeans, a diet of carrots, tofu, cheap beers and roll-up cigarettes. They search the internet for volunteer work, teaching English or building bridges in remote Chinese villages. They make plans to go back to college, do a Ph D in comparative linguistics or modern Chinese literature. They want to take up photography. They dream about living with very little money.

It's important to day dream. Fantasies like these probably help a few people maintain the illusion that they are not wasting their lives away.

I don't particularly want to change the way my life is going. For one I'm not a twenty-something and secondly I neither work long hours nor make lots of money. I rarely blow more than $840 per weekend taxis included (yes I do keep a record of my expenditures). I would hate to have to live marginally above the poverty line, and I am I not particularly partial to beaches or to better the lives of Chinese peasants to whom I am not related. I am religious, you see.

* stole this from Dawn French

And now onto completely mundane matters.

Friday night, went to J's school for another one of these potluck dinners. Three months to the end of the academic year and they have a new principal. He is awfully young. But he seems like a good guy and more importantly, J will only be at the school for one more term so I don't really care!

That school is a bit of a riot. The main building is a big old house built on top of a hill. The playground area is nearly completely on slopes. Steep ones too. It's crazy watching the kids running up and down the slopes in the dark, falling over and then getting up again. Can't quite imagine ESF kids like this.

Saturday, went to the Fringe to see some bands. Got way too drunk before that (potent cocktails at Yumla) and somehow we left before the third act came on, and were led to the Kee Club by little miss trouble. Ended up in 71 until about half past three.

Dragged myself out of bed on Sunday to go to church (I had to do the "welcome table" - which of course, didn't need to be there since no one needed any welcoming). Father John preached his sermon in front of the altar. Kinda walking around a bit as he talked, hands held together in front of his chest in a very priestly fashion. I couldn't remember anything about the sermon. Something about the cross. I think.

Then met Craig for brunch. Had vague plans that he would come to our place and hang out for the day before he flies home in the evening. But he decided to go to the sevens instead (who can blame him - and England won afterall). He was wearing this very strange looking short sleeve shirt. It was blue, big checks, very much your normal Marks and Sparks men's wear... until you see the the bottom of the shirt, which was this pattern of Japanese style cloud/waves. Completely inexplicable, and I found that more than a bit disturbing. I wanted to ask him what the hell was that but held my tongue, in case he chose that shirt himself.

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razorkitty15 said...

now im not in my mid twentys yet so i cant really agree but i will make sure i lie on the beach,climb the swiss alps,go sky diving, and try to find santa clause before i get a job that ties me down..... and it will be a fun job to till then ill treat life well and you should do the same