Thursday, March 30, 2006

Old friend and that

I ran on Tuesday morning, up to Cloudy Hill. It was the one clear day after what seemed like a whole fuckin' week of hideous pollution and humidity.

Didn't run last night. Craig, my fund manager friend from Oxford is in town and we had dinner. First thing I noticed about him is how much hair he has lost since I last saw him about three years ago. First thing he said to me "Hey you look great and I am bald!" A cunning pre-emptive strike, the bastard.

After dinner we met up with B and had a few drinks in 71. Miss bi-sexual self-proclaimed slut tea-drinking art gallery type person, came and sat with us after Craig's fourth pint. She was telling us about this movie script she had written. It's about a mathematical prodigy, who loves books and sex, and her adventures in a second hand book shop run by her grandma. It involves the sipping of cafe au lait, eyes meeting across the room, unspoken nuanaces and masses of sexual tension. All very French and arty.

But a second hand book shop and lots of steamy shagging set in ... er ... Hong Kong? As B correctly pointed out, if set in HK, that would be a second hand comics store, not a Strand type book shop, no? I don't think she realised that we were all taking the piss. She's a sweetheart really.

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