Thursday, March 30, 2006

I want money

It's hard to blow your own trumpet.

I'm filling in that stupid application form for the Teaching Excellence Award. Deadline is tomorrow. Yesterday I wrote emails to colleagues and ex-students asking them to write a few words about how great a teacher I am. They all replied promptly, oh yes sure! 'be delighted to! You rock! Et cetera! Good luck!

I'm procrastinating, as you can see. What I've decided to do is to cut and paste bits and bobs from the application form I put in for the same award two years ago. It's quite unlikely that anyone will notice.

Anyhow, I also need to dig up all these thank you cards and x'mas cards that students have sent me over the years. As PROOF that they love me cos I'm so fuckin' great.

Would I be doing any of this shit if I didn't think I have a good chance of getting that $10,000? Hell no. Like all responsible upright middle class parents, I'm in a shit load of debt and every penny counts.

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