Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Record player

Did I tell you I've been nominated for this year's teaching excellence award again? It's not as great as it sounds. I have to write around 10,000 words in the hope of convincing the panel that I'm worthy of the ten grand up for grabs. Creative writing, is what it is.

Anyhow, mustn't complain. My teaching can hardly be called excellent, but I guess it's all relative.

Have been trying to find a record player. Elchi and Janet have got one in their house, a present from Janet's dad. It's very retro in design, folds up like a small suitcase, but also plays CDs and has a built in radio and speakers. I would love to have something like that, cos I still got loads of vinyl records from the 1980s. Then I saw one in a magazine. Guess how much it costs? $3,280. Or around 250 quid, or around US$400. How crazy is that? Do they think we are all idiots?

Anyhow. If you know where I can find something similar but say half the price, I'd be interested.

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