Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feeling weak

Had a pretty good run last night. This is my first Wednesday night run since the Bowen Road run after Trailwalker... which would be November (!!) Up the peak, around Lugard Road and Mount Kellet and back down again. Last time I did this it was pouring down with rain, and I took a wrong turn and went down Peak Road and up before I found Mt Kellet. Can't tell if I'm any faster this time. Now my legs are aching mildly in a nice way.

I was so hungry last night even after dinner. When we got home, I grazed on M&Ms, apples, biscuits, chocolates, and then finally decided, at ten past midnight, that I really want something savory and so munched a couple of four day old meatballs and a chicken wing.

Started feeling unwell around 3 in the morning; like there's a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat. Felt like that all day today, and tonight. Had a serious craving for pickled onions, proceeded to buy some, ate about five, then threw them all up. Just ate an apple now. Seems to be staying down okay.

It sucks when you can't eat. Kinda like being impotent, I guess.

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