Thursday, March 16, 2006


Travelling alone is something that I don't do nearly enough. The last time I did that, was when I was 20 years old, and spent 6 weeks backpacking, inter-railing in Europe. There is nothing quite like it, especially for a woman, young or not so young, to travel on her own.

There were lots of things I love about this trip. Seeing Pete and Elchi and their kids was really nice, reassuring, like, you see people half way across the world and I get some perspective about the magnitude of my own supposed domestic problems/issues. All of us, in our mid-late thirties, with young families, we all have similar problems to deal with. We all have to learn to cope. Learn to make the most of it. Learn to stop acting like a child.

It was great just wandering around in NY. I loved my day spent in MOMA; I had a most exquisite lunch at the Modern (very Sex and the City), I roamed all the streets in Manhattan, on foot of course, even though it was supposedly freezing cold. I love cities.

Three things I loved most, though, was seeing Belle and Sebastian live, finally (!!!!!) and running in Central Park, and getting to see the Letterman show. In that order.

B&S were fabulous. I can't even begin to describe what it was like. I am a true fan, now I know. I just fuckin' love them (I've bought tickets to go to their show in Melbourne in June, by the way). The venue was a lovely old theatre, complete with chandeliers and seating in the geriatrics section. The crowd was varied in the most delightful way. You get sixteen year olds, and forty somethings also. All shapes and sizes. It was just fucking' amazing.


Anonymous said...

They are dreamy live. I can't believe they're coming to Au again and now I'm in Hong Kong.

Pierre said...

Just announced today they will be playing three shows in Japan before Australia! Am so very tempted to see them there as well.