Sunday, March 26, 2006


Not sure who I'm apologizing to but I have to say sorry for letting this drag on for so long! Really should write a bit more about my trip since, you know, I don't get out that often.

My first run around Central Park was great. I was even slower than usual, still jet lagged and not eating properly and all, but the weather was glorious. It was cold, but the sky was clear blue without a drop of cloud in sight. This overwhelming feeling of romance was everywhere. Not the kind of icky kissy boy girl romance, but romantic as in being in this place so far away from earth and life as you know it, even when your feet are firmly on the ground.

Second run was much less pleasant, objectively speaking. It was the day after it had snowed, so the ground was slippery and slushy. But still, it felt great just rambling around not knowing exactly where I was going. Like I said, very romantic.

And then there's the Letterman Show. It was completely unexpected, of course. I met up with this guy from the Bowlie site (it's B&S related in case you are wondering), and we hooked up to go to the show together. He flew in from Colorado. Five minutes after we met he asked if I'd like to go to the taping of the Letterman show in an hours' time. I said What???? He said Yeah, I have two tickets. But I don't know your last name. Tell me your last name and I'll call this woman. I said, Huh?? How come you got tickets?? He said, Well this woman who works for the show came up to me on the street (Broadway) and asked if I'd like to go. So she's going to bring the tickets here later.

Anyhow, it was a lot more crazy than it seems, if you're judging by the quality of my writing (sorry, it's 5pm and I've already been drinking red wine for two hours). First of all, I barely know him. Secondly, he wasn't expected to get tickets at all. Thirdly, I wasn't expected to be on the show at all. Even less so than he was.

The level of excitement was completely disproprotional to the objective nature of the event. When we were in line, he kept chatting to everyone else (whenever he can, really), in this WIDLY excited manner, about how crazy this thing is, that I few 8000 miles from HK and he flew god knows how many from Colorado, to see this relatively obscure band from Scotland, and now we are going to be on Letterman for Fuck's sake!

People nodded and smiled politely, of course. Most of them were not New Yorkers.

When he ran out of people to chat to we just stared at one another in amazement and said "I can't fuckin' believe this!!", repeatedly.

Anyhow, the show was not the best ever (we did sit in the third row from the front though). My arms ached from the excessive/compulsive clapping, and it was all over before we knew it.

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