Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rested body restless mind

My legs are still a bit sore from that run to Cloudy couple of days ago. It's lovely weather today, as well, and I'm tempted to go up again. But O is feeling poorly and is now lying on the couch wrapped in a duvet, watching Art Attack. I feel like I should stay with him, even though he obviously does not require me to do so. I do have lots of work to do though, one deadline was three days ago, and I have to think about the RTHK recording tomorrow. All these things to do.... gosh it's already quarter to four! Time slips by when you are not paying attention.

Just before the holidays, I got the letter from HR saying that I've got my next three-year contract. I'm in two minds about this now. Anita came round to visit yesterday and said I Ed is looking for an associate professor to teach Hong Kong Studies. Which is right up my street. Contracts come in three or five years (you can choose, apparently). They have nice staff quarters and the campus is up on a hill. I am tempted to apply. I've been at my department for so long now, maybe a change of scene is what I need.

Yesterday I managed to finally buy a pair of boots. Not exactly what I wanted; not pointy and spiky heeled. Do HK women not like sexy boots? Lots of not quite knee high boots with stupid dwarfed one inch kitten heels though, as well as calf high cowboy boots. Lots of white, off-white, beige, mauve, light brown, metallic grey .... the bloody Chronicles of Fuglia, is what it is. Deformed boots, is what comes to mind. And the whole of TST seems to be full of mainland tourists. They are amazing. Looked as if they are single-handedly supporting the whole of the HK retail economy.

Had a drink with SY last night. I kept thinking I haven't seen her for two years but turns out she was in town last June and we went for a drink in 71 that time which I had completely forgotten about. We were supposed to talk about our paper last night, but that went out the window the minute we sat down. Telling me all about her adventures in the mid-west and in LA. I got a bit embarrassed when, not using an indoor voice, she made know information along the lines of "... lots of men! they all want to marry me..." and "... the sex was great! shame he has no brain! Hah ahhah". She said she might join me in NY. Nick's sis and her husband live in Queens, so she could stay with them. Now, I am half kicking myself for having invited her to come, cos her presence would severely alter the nature of my whole trip.

That place 71 is really special. We were given lai sees last night. GIVEN! How's that huh? How many pubs give lai sees to their patrons? I was moved by the owner's kindness.

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