Monday, January 30, 2006

Hot and sweaty

Still clear and warm and sunny today. Ran up Cloudy Hill just now, and it was boiling hot. Good job I took some water with me. The sun was on the back, on my head, in my face, the whole time. B said direct sunlight adds 7 degrees to the temperature. I believe him.

I had plans to buy some boots last week. Looked around some shops, kinda half heartedly, and saw nothing I like. Boots on display were either too flat, too chunky, or just too downright ugly. What I have in mind is a pair of pointy, knee high, black stiletto boots, a 3-4 inch heel. They'll have to be quite tight around my calves. They'll have to be a bitch to put on and to remove. Okay, I think you get the picture.

Anyhow, I saw them on the VS catalogue and they are on sale too. But who buys boots from the internet? Do you?

I'm hoping I might have some time to check out the shops tomorrow before heading out to T's place. But now that it is getting so hot, is it mad for me to buy a pair of boots? Guess I can always wear them when I go to NY... but do I really want to? Aarrrgh... decisions, decisions.

I'm stinking and my skin is itching like crazy from all the dried sweat. Best jump in the shower and rinse off. Wait, let me get a glass of wine first.

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