Sunday, February 05, 2006

New purchases

Funny Little Frog (single) - Belle and Sebastian
Inside in the Inside Out - Kooks
They Got Lost - They Might be Giants
Keys to the World - Richard Ashcroft

The Richard Ashcroft cannot be imported to iTunes. How annoying is that? It comes with a DVD. Mr Ashcroft goes through the story behind each song. The video for the single was shot in a prison. He plays piano in a freaky claw like motion.

The TMBG CD is a compilation of "rarities". Haven't listened to them yet.

Kooks sound good on first listen - lively riffs and catchy tunes.

B&S - can't say I love this song. It was number 13 on the TOTP chart last week (now number 33). The video features Stuart busting his moves. Not exactly eye candy but pretty entertaining.

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