Monday, February 06, 2006

My contributions to society

When was the last time I got up at seven in the morning? Apart from this morning, that is.

Eight thirty tutorial. Then ten thirty, twelve thirty, and one thirty. The good thing about starting early is you finish early. Stuff to do are still on my desk, in my mind, on post-it notes, though.

The book from the 2003 conference finally came out. The cover is so bland. Does not do the contents justice at all. If you want a copy at 40% discount, let me know.

May I introduce you to last fm, if you are not aware of it already? The site explains itself much better than me so I shall say no more. Was trying to download it onto this machine (got it at home already) but failed. For I do not know what my "proxy settings" are. How can I know?

I had a small bowl of muesli, a banana, handful of m&ms, a ricola herb candy, and a litre of water. I'm going to finish off a few things, then head home, have a nap, and go run.

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