Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My five (no, six) minutes of fame

Last Friday I went to RTHK for the recording of a show call "the Pulse". It's supposed to be a weekly review of the local media scene. On last week's show I was one of three guests invited to comment on the media's portrayal of women yaaaaaaawn zzzzz..... pardon me.

There are two hosts. One man one woman. Both used to be TVB news anchors, although the woman has a much higher profile; doing radio shows, TV, newspaper columns, and is member of the new political party A45. I was ten minutes early (for makeup - but it was decided I looked good enough without any more, like a fool I believed them), so I was watching the taping of the tags to our section behind the set, on a small tv screen. The woman has a high-pitched voice. She talked non-stop, on and off camera. She provided a running commentary to everything, delivered punchlines every 10 seconds, and the crew laughed politely at her every utterrance.

Given it was the sixth day of the lunar new year and all, both dressed festively. Man wore a traditional Chinese style jacket, in gold, with buttons down the middle, and a fur-lined mandarin collar. I was fascinated by that collar. It (the collar, not me) didn't seem to bother him though. Over non-descript top and black pants, woman wore a red cardigan that goes all the way down to her calves. As she herself said it "I look like a fucking fire cracker! Ha ha ha...."

One of the guests used to be AAF's chair, so I kinda know her. Since then, she has reinvented herself from a short haired chubby no makeup t-shirt jeans and lesbian shoes only advocate of the women's movement, to a long flowing hair not going nowhere without full makeup still chubby but poncho wearing sex columnist doing a PhD on the side.

The other guest is a slim, bald, gay stylist who appears regularly on CableTV lifestyle shows. He was wearing a white motorcycle jacket. Made of what I think is, er, wool.

I looked like shit, of course. The left side of my face is not my most flattering. I gesticulated too much for what I was talking about. That aside, they got some nice shots of my shoes, which is what matters.

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