Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bitch at protrek

Er, I was given this redemption letter. Which models of trail shoes listed here have female sizes?

.... let me see.... what size you wear? seven.

..... ok, wait please.

Male shop staff disappears into store room. Re-emerges with shoe box in hand. Took shoes out. Very heavy shoes. Resemble hiking shoes more than trail running shoes.

This the only pair you got?, no. Here.....
Points vague towards direction of shoes display.

Female staff appears.

Let me... you do that...

She points here and there. Male staff retreats.

This pair here, this one and that one. She points.

I see. Can I try this pair?

Sure. Size 7?, yes.

Are you sure?


Measure your feet first.

??? huh?

Measure first. It's okay.


Proceeds to measure feet.

7 is too small for you. 7.5 la.


Retreats to storeroom, reappears with shoe box. I try on shoes.

These okay?

.... yeah... but I'm wearing thin socks....
I mumbled to myself. My mumbling was ignored.

Can I have your redemption letter?

Sure... here...

Sign here please...

Is this a Japanese size 25?

No, it's a 24.5.

Oh.... I wear 25 for my running shoes.

That would be a US 8.

Is it?

Yes... why did you tell my colleague you were a 7? She says, visibly annoyed.

????? Because I usually wear a 7, for casual shoes.

I felt desperate to explain myself now. To explain that I'm not an idiot. I wasn't lying intentionally about the size of my feet.

I never tried on this brand before, so I just thought size 7, to try first...

You gone up a whole size!
Sounds even more annoyed.

Yes. Feet swells when you run. I try my best to sound dignified.

You wear them for running?

She does not believe me.


I look at her, trying hard, using only my eyebrows, to convey the message "You idiot! What's your fucking problem!"

Yes, feet swells when you run for a long time.

She looks back, trying to convey the same message.

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