Monday, January 16, 2006

Will she drink that beer?

Secured tickets to both Belle and Sebastian's shows in NYC. Oooooooooh. So exciting! Insert smiley!

Am at home today sorting out the talk at I Ed tomorrow. I didn't expect to be paid for this, but the secretary just emailed me to remind me to bring my ID and account details so they could pay me. It's always nice to receive money unexpectedly. Hmmm. Perhaps not when you go to bed with someone you really like and then upon completion of the sex act they try to stuff money into your hands to get you out of their beds.

Some kind of drilling operation going on in my next door apartment. Been going on for a while now. It's distracting, so please pardon me for this a bit of an all over the place post.

Weekend's been mixed. Was planning to go out with B on Friday, but plan was changed, so we stayed in to watch "The Best of Times" starring Kurt Russell and Robin William. Half way through M called and reminded me I was supposed to have a drink with her after her first week in full-time employment in over a year. Film wasn't that gripping, and B seemed okay for me to go, so I went.

Saturday - had a drink in Habitu and then dinner with B at The Stone Grill. A bit gimmicky as B said, but it was damn fine. As you step into the restaurant, the smell of burnt meat was over-whelming in a lovely way. Well, if you are a carnivore, it would be. The meat was so melt in your mouth tasty. I tried not to touch the veggies for fear of them spoiling the moment. After that, we had a quick drink in Delaney's and then went our separate ways. I ended up in Yumla and got home by three, which was not bad.

Sunday was uneventful. Managed to go to church, which was good. Otherwise spend most of the afternoon sleeping, then a faster than expected run around the park.

Am trying to not drink this week. Am trying to lay off Coke Lite for a while as well. My substitute for alcohol at the moment is peppermint tea. I'm craving a beer right now. There is ONE in the fridge. It's been there for weeks and so is very very cold. Hmmm. Will keep you posted.

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Jamie said...

That's MY beer, and it better be there when I get home...heh heh heh...