Friday, January 20, 2006

What is OEM software and why should I care?

Needless to say I have not got a clue.


My "resolution" to not drink for a week has not gone well. Since the last post, there was only one night where I did not drink anything. Last night I had 2 glasses of wine, and previous nights a nightcap before bed. Am doing better in the diet drinks department - I haven't had one diet soda since my previous post.


Gave a seminar at I Ed on Tuesday which went down surprisingly well. Lots of people turned up, most of them seemed to get my jokes (always a good sign), and the questions and discussion afterwards were constructive. Anita, who works there and is a long time friend of mine, said they are still hiring. It is tempting - they have nice big staff quarters, up on a hill far away from the city, good air, near the hills. But I doubt if the pay could match up with what I'm getting now.


Term starts next week, and I have a class on Monday. But today I'm just vegging around the apartment (still in my PJs) instead of working on my course materials at the office. The weather is not great - 90% relative humidity, misty, grey, not warm. I got up late at 10 am. By the time I had breakfast it was already 11, by which time I had lost all impetus to drag my arse out to the office.

Which is might as well, since I'm going out for a meal with the ladies this evening, and I'll have to find time to exercise and hang out with the boys before that. If I had gone to the office I would not have time for that at all.

I'm looking out of the window now.
Everything is tinted grey.
All the cracks and dirt on the building walls become much more obvious.
The sight of people walking around holding up their umbrellas with their shoulders hunched makes it all the more depressing.
The sky almost looks as if it is going to fall down any minute.

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