Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spontaneous, mad

So it's done! Redeemed a ticket to New York City to see Belle & Sebastian early March. How spontaneous is that huh? Thanks to B for giving me the nudge I needed. Tickets for the gig go on sale 14th Jan.


Meanwhile, more raving antics from the mad mum.

Went grocery shopping with J. He said he's hungry so I got him a frosted donut at the bakery. He proceeded to eating in the supermarket and I said, just don't get your fingers dirty. He did seem hungry, and ate about half of it in no time. The TOP half, that is. The half with the frosting. As we were at the checkout, me busy loading stuff onto the counter, he handed me the bag with the donut in it and said

You hold this.


I'm full of it now, you hold this.

No. You hang on to it. I'm busy right now...

But I don't want it anymore. I'm full of it.

I wanted to shout at him so so badly but I didn't. I went down to his eye level (a la Super Nanny stylee), used my authoritative voice, slowly, I said

You are holding onto it until we get home. You will put it on a plate, and you will eat it when you get hungry again.

He was unfazed. He looked around.

Eh... where's the bin?

I gave him a fierce look.

You are NOT putting that in the bin, you hear me?

Okay. Can I wait for you outside?

Sure. Don't run off. Stay right there.

Ten seconds later he's back, a big grin on his cute little face. Bag with donut, gone.

What did you do with the donut?

I don't know. It's gone.

Can you picture me? Fuming. Smoke coming out of my ears.

After I paid for the shopping, I headed straight for the bin right outside the shop, fished out the bag with the donut still inside, telling myself this looks clean enough.

You sit on that bench. NOW!

He really didn't see it coming. He started crying.

You sit over there, and you eat this donut. NOW!

More crying. But he was a good boy. He did as he was told.

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