Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wholesome weekend

It's cold!

Spent today at T's place. She played perfect hostess as per usual - fed us lunch, tea, and dinner. I even took home a bag of rice, the remains of a roast leg of lamb that is enough for a large curry, and a half bottle of red. Well for all that, I got a parking ticket. That serves me right. I've been taking it for granted that no traffic ticket issuing uniformed personnel would ever patrol that street. So I have long since given up feeding the meter every time I go there. Well, how wrong was I! Serves me right!

T bought a freezer recently. Well objectively speaking, she is probably the last person who needs a freezer. They live in central Kowloon, they have cars, they have a domestic helper, they are in no danger of power cuts or being sealed in by blizzards or landslides. And yet, she bought a freezer. It's got loads of goodies in it. Leg of lamb, salmon fillets, puff pastry, lamb shank, fish balls, a 12 lb turkey, apple pies, Amoy ding ding congee, etc. I guess if avian flu does hit this town hard then a freezer would be a rather handy thing to have around the house.

After pizza, soup, salad and pita bread sandwiches, we sat around chewing the fat and set off to play squash for an hour after the food settled. Then I played two games of snooker with Fergus after. I totally sucked, of course, but he kinda sucked also. Okay he potted in more balls than me, but in one game he potted the white in SIX times. So who's the better player? It's up for debate.

The boys were so boisterous. Perhaps they were just excited, perhaps they are just born that way. Then T said perhaps they have too much sugar in their diets? I never thought they do. In fact I think they probably consume less sugar than the average child, since I mostly buy diet drinks anyway (yes they can't really tell the difference, and don't seem to mind).

Tomorrow B is doing the Lantau King of the Hill race, while me and the boys will be joining the crew to go to Peng Chau and visit Tony, who bought a place there last year. I've never been to Peng Chau before. Why haven't I? I don't even know where it is, to be honest.

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