Sunday, January 08, 2006

So attractive

Tony was one year my junior at university. Upon graduation he began a career working in NGOs. He now lives in a top floor flat (comes with a nice big roof) in Peng Chau, with his girlfriend and two dogs. They own a little patch of land on the other side of the island, where they grow organic vegetables. They both work in NGOs and his girlfriend travels frequently. Their flat is full of books on organic farming, sustainable development, Zen buddhism, European literary fiction, and pictures of their dogs.

Peng Chau is not a popular outlying island, either to live in or to visit. It is pretty close to Lantau, but ferries only run once every forty-five minutes or so. It hasn't quite attracted enough hippy-type expats to turn it into a tourist attraction like Lamma, and unlike Cheung Chau, it hasn't got enough holiday apartments to attract youngsters to lose their virginities in. It is quiet, calm, not at all shabby, and frankly speaking very attractive.

Attractive in what way?

Attractive as in, being so different. Not just the place itself, of course, but the kind of lifestyles that people who live on Peng Chau lead. Not just their lifestyles, but the kind of persons they must be, to live that kind of lifestyle.

Attractive because that is not the life I lead, and they are not the kind of persons I am. Et cetera.

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