Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Waiting, waste of time

More bloody nonsense from the world of incompetence. Been entering marks all day at my desk, yeah, you know, while outside, the sun shines and the air is warm and the birds are singing etc. So I got them all done and somehow, rather predictably, the stupid Banner system fucked it up again and now all the grades are lost. Am now waiting for the ITSC guys to trace what the problem was. Waiting waiting. Such bloody nonsense. Was hoping I could get this all done and get some groceries sorted before heading out to Central for hotpot tonight. Was hoping.

Anyhow. A couple of weeks ago was contacted by a consulting/market research company to help them on a bid to do gender sensitivity training for Social Welfare Department staff. To be honest I'm not really all that keen. Not that keen on doing the work, that is. But I'm quite keen to earn some extra cash. Just arranged to meet them for a chat on Friday.

Gender sensitivity. Gender mainstreaming. They all sound so lame, don't they, these politically correct things. If this company does get the project and I do end up doing the work for them, I would need to think very seriously about how to proceed. I am finding it harder and harder to convince people who don't normally think gender is an issue that it is a very important issue. Increasingly I'm leaning towards believing that there isn't really much point in trying to get people to agree with me. You can try persuading them to try blue cheese or pickled eggs or not wearing underpants. But even for these mundane, largely inconsequential matters, your efforts to persuade them would probably be futile, be met with a sneer, be, well, a bloody waste of time. Like this stupid Banner system.

It's a defeatist attitude I know, but it is true. How much can one, can I, achieve in a one semester course, a one-day training workshop a three hour seminar, a 75-minute talk? You can barely teach someone to bake a decent loaf of bread in that time let alone change the way they see the world.

On a more optimistic note, I am wearing these 4 inch heels today for the second time and I seem to be adapting a lot better. Last time I wore them, I could barely walk. My feet are definitely heading towards deformity but hey, no pain no gain. What really matters is, I do look rather nice in them.

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