Sunday, January 29, 2006

Today is the day

Thursday night my dad and my aunt came over for dinner and they managed to really upset me. They didn't do anything out of the ordinary though. On reflection, it is precisely their normal ways, and the utterly predictable nature of how they interact with me, that upsets me the most. I am very unforgiving, certainly, and it is their weakness, their feeble-mindedness, their parochial ways, and their determination (conscious or otherwise) to drag me down that road, that drive me nuts. I love them and I cannot stand them.

So, today, the big day, the first of the year of the K9, I have opted to not go see them and the whole motley cru. I immediately feel like a worm, of course, when aunt number nine called me around lunchtime, asking where we were, why we didn't show, et cetera. I am such a maggot. A fucking goddam slimy slug, me.

Having gotten that off my chest, I feel instantly better. Thanks for listening.

Had a lovely day hanging about in the waterfront park though, guilt aside. The weather was glorious. B got sunburnt and I wish I had worn shorts and a tank top. Clear blue skies, dry warm air, bright sun. We ate hotdogs and crisps and turkish delight, drank box drinks and water, rolled and ran and rambled... well, they did, anyway, whilst I lied down on the grass with my eyes closed. Folks were flying kites and taking photos and laughing and doing all those nice things people do on a day like this. It was almost unreal.

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