Thursday, January 26, 2006

When is it again?

When is Chinese New Year again? Saturday? Sunday? Monday? I wonder if I am alone in asking these questions in HK. I haven't even gotten change for lai sees. We never do much for CNY. Usually it's just to see my relatives at my uncle and aunt's place, hang out for a couple of hours, dish out lai sees and then bugger off. I am hoping if B goes camping with the kids then we could skip that even. Which would be great. I can go do all the spinning I want at the gym, which would hopefully be deserted.

Term started on Monday. Looks like there'll be a Monday eight-thirty tutorial, but luckily Peter just called to say he wants to take up my Friday tutorials (only six students enrolled in his class so he has to cancel), which means I'll have Fridays off. I am pleased about that, of course.

My dad and auntie G are coming for dinner tonight. I did not invite them, they just called to say they want to come. Which is okay, of course. I can't explain my feelings towards them, which are results of how they interact with me. Complicated.

J went for his interview at SJS yesterday. Uneventful, really. And Patty told B that he passed. He is going to get so much out of primary school. He is very keen to learn and eager to please those in positions of authority. Classic teacher's pet, I think.

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