Monday, November 28, 2005

So glad I'm home

Had another one of those Sundays - knackered, hungover, asking myself again why are you doing this? And yes, I am getting too old and I should really stop drinking so much.

I only realized I have had too much to drink when I was on my way home in the taxi, feeling lonely and slightly sorry for myself. It was a moment of clarity in my drunkenness, physical discomfort forcing my brian to search deep inside my soul. The comfort of my home, the comfort of my family, suddenly felt like the best thing the world has to offer. I was missing home terribly even though I was only 10 minutes away from it.

I was invited by Giorgio to go to Katrien's dinner party, except that it wasn't really a dinner party but more like a stab at a help yourself style thanksgiving meal as an excuse for a party. There was hardly any turkey left by the time I arrived, but there was plenty of wine though. The demographics consist of university related people and artists, some slightly more irritating than others. A couple of quite interesting people though - this girl Amy whom I've seen on a tv show about HK, an artist, very animated, completely over the top, and very loud. This PhD student in architecture who has made several films and was at the verge of getting dumped by his supervisor. Amy's boyfriend/hanger-on from Finland, who talks like a robot and follows her everywhere. A Taiwanese artist who had to suffer through my ramblings in Mandarin which he seemed to actually understand.

We went to 71 and Paul and the two gay guys were there, so we joined them. Mabel joined us. Then we all went to Yumla - the music was good, actually dancable, but way too loud and obviously not the kind of place quiet mature folk like Paul and Mabel and Taiwanese artist like, so one by one they left and I left around 2:30 leaving Amy and Finn boy there.

Sunday morning I drove the kids to meet B at Pak Tam Chung - the drive seemed extraodinarily long, and I was still feeling a bit drunk. They squabbled in the back seat as usual, and I had to shout at them a good couple of times. B was already there when we arrived and I had really wanted to join them, but I had to judge this debating competition back at the headquarters. By the time I got home I was knackered, hungover, but strangely feeling a bit more perked up.

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