Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Here's O's birthday wish list, which I forced him to put down in writing instead of randomly throwing them at me whenever he feels inspired:

1. Toa Hordika (if they have them)
2. Rahi called Keetongoo
3. Bionicle book called "Web of the Visorak"
4. MP3 Player

This is good, cos he's completely forgotten half a dozen other stuff he's said he wanted for his birthday, including the visit to Ocean Park, to stay in the HK Disneyland hotel, to stay at the Westin Resort in Macau, to go to Canada, and to take driving lessons.


A kid who goes to O's school and lives in the next block gave O ten dollars today.

So I said why did he give you the money?
He said I can't remember.
I said well surely he gave it to you for a reason?
He said I really can't remember.

This is the same kid who casually handed O $50, when O gave him a packet of Wonker's Everlasting Gobstoppers (which I bought for $6 at CitySuper). The same kid who bit O on his arm two years ago, leaving a huge ugly bruise, after O ungratefully gave away some stickers given to him by this kid.

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