Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Girls, girls, girls....

Topic for this week's tutorial class:

Describe your ideal family in terms of its composition, family members' roles, and the nature their relationships. Explain how your ideal family is shaped by the social structure of our society.

There were six groups of students doing a presentation on this topic. Two consist of boys, others girls. In all their ideal families, only ONE group said they'd like both husband and wife to be in full-time paid work. All others said they'd like the wife to be a full-time homemaker or in part-time work.

That odd group out is the one with two boys.

So here's what I said to them:

"Ladies, I am so ashamed of you all. You lazy, thin, pathetic, foolish cows. What the fuck do you think you all are doing? Getting a fucking university education only to dream of NOT contributing to society? What's so ideal about that huh? So you can become COMPLETELY dependent on your husband who will protect you from PREDATORS (that's the exact word used)? You really think it's so lovely a deal to get stuck at home with your screaming toddlers all day? You think your husband will be dying to come home to you every night, where all you have to say to him is how the baby wouldn't drink her milk and how the toilet was blocked and how fish was more expensive today than the day before? Yeah, ideal family. Perfectly and utterly ideal for those who live in la-la land. And that's you, ladies. You who are completely off your heads."


Anonymous said...

I love what you said to your students! I wish I have such guts. I tend to waver between overly naggy and mildly.

- michael, singapore

Anonymous said...

mildly meek, i meant.