Thursday, August 18, 2005

Staying out for the summer

I’ve been really slack with this writing business. One would have thought that having no need to be at the office will create more time for updating this blog. That fact is, I spend much more time faffing around when I’m at the office then when I’m at home.

I don’t feel like I’ve been running as much as I had been before the summer. I remember I used to run like three or four times a week. Now it’s down to twice, sometimes twice. Last Sunday I ran to Kadoorie Farm, after not having done so in what seems like weeks. It felt good – I wasn’t any faster though, 90 minutes as before, but on the uphill stretch I felt much stronger and what used to a torturous ten minutes now seems like a breeze. The runs up to the Peak on Wednesday nights are also much easier now. Last night I ran up without stopping to walk and there were moments when I felt I could have put in the extra effort to go a bit faster even. I’ll do that next week. I did the medium run, for the first time. Took me an hour and 45 minutes. When I arrived at the recreation centre I saw Aya and Andy already showered and dressed and standing about so I asked has everyone finished? And they said yeah. I felt so bad. I thought I was the last even though I’d only done two loops. Then it turned out that not everyone did the long run – most did two and some did only one. Instant relieve. Those spinning sessions seem to have done my fitness some good.

I’m still working hard at blocking out all thoughts related to work. I have an AAF thing due tomorrow and I haven’t done anything about this term’s classes at all. I’m really trying to enjoy the last of the summer holidays as much as I can. It’s been great spending more time with the boys, sleeping in, staying up late, working out, shopping, painting my toenails, enjoying life! It’ll be hard getting back to a routine where I only see the boys a few hours a day at the most.

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