Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reality is not a friend of mine?

People are never what they really seem.

A couple which I have known for over a year, this week, they showed another side of themselves. Nothing spectacular, evil, or sick. It was just their reaction towards something. I just never thought they could get so worked up, so furious, about something which, to me, is so inconsequential.

Sure I go to church on Sundays when I can and it is always an experience that I enjoy. Sure you get priests with crap sermons every now and then but do I really care all that much, it’s only 15 minutes of the service anyways. I never had problems tuning out whenever the preacher is blabbing on about something I don’t understand or can’t relate to. They are human too, just like us sheep on the pews. Priests come in all shapes and sizes and I forgive them just as the Lord forgives me when they get all worked up about some little theological puzzle which they feel like they have to share with the congregation. I forgive them. Their job is to inspire me, they failed, but that’s okay. They are human too.

I was trying to imagine myself getting so upset about sermons, and the particular priest who delivers them. Will I feel really offended an outraged if the priest’s theological orientation does not match with mine? What kind of person will I have to be, to react in that way? Am I already that kind of person?

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