Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weird planet - an update

Repulse Bay was very busy today. As can be expected, as today is the first hot dry sunny day after a whole month of rain and thunderstorms. We left the car in Central and took a taxi there, which is just as well cos there was nowhere to park that wouldn't result in a parking ticket.

It was nice to go to the beach now that I can swim. Lots of people didn't even go near the water though; dry frying, so to speak. That's pretty much what I used to do when I went to the beach before I could swim. I remember we would bring a spray bottle and spray ourselves with water to cool down, not only because we couldn't swim (well I couldn't anyway) but because there was such a fear of the water - of how dirty it is.

And it is dirty no doubt. Visibility under the water was no more than one metre. And it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth even though I didn't swallow any of it.

O was having a blast though, and I am glad to see how comfortable he is in the water. Poor J wasn't having as much fun, doing his usual grouchy moves, complaining about the sand, about the heat, about his sunspecs.... it's a phase, I know. I hope.


A whole bunch of disabled people demonstrated in the TST MTR station today. They demanded half priced fares. Because fares are too expensive for them. Apparently this is done in other cities. I would give them what they want if I were in charge. Hong Kong is a world city, afterall. Innit.

And what's with these bloody fallen windows? Did they hold a secret meeting and decided unanimously to fall off one after the other in the past two week? What's with the timing? Why June/July 2005 not earlier? Hard to dismiss this as all some oh well these things happen coincidence. Something evil is going on out there. Evil aluminium windows. I might start wearing me cycle helmet when I'm out and about. I suggest you do too, if you've got one.

Anyhow, nothing this week has left me as gobsmacked as that, that, that, that... unbelievably grotesque event called Live8. Shocking. Shockingly sad, bad and mad. I only watched less than an hour of it and some news coverage, and that's enough to give me recurring nightmares. God... spare me please... Madonna dragging that African girl around on the stage going "look! look how we've saved her from poverty! and she's in school in the U of K now! Look!" ... jeeeeeeaaaaaz... And that Sir Bob singing that pathetic him don't like mondays tune.... he just got to remind us that he did have ONE hit song don't he. That he's not just some knighthooded old geezer in a white suit.

"Idiots!" -- Napoleon Dynamite.

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