Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Four more days to go

I've decided I've had my half year of bad luck. Not that things have been real bad in the past six months, but there were certainly some pretty unpleasant events. Like fracturing my coccyx, getting my wallet nicked, having someone crashed into my car, missing my flight to Seoul, etc.

Can't wait till next Monday when we will go to Macau for a week. It'd be nice to lie around by the pool and do nothing all day. Sipping exotic cocktails and munching on fries and burgers. But of course, before I could go in peace, I need to finish that damned book first. I've been reading up on the literature and still re-editing it. I've only got four more days to work on it. Work On It. That's right.

Tonight's run starts from Yau Tong to Keith's place. A dip in the pool at the end of the run. A bit weird, I thought. Pool party? Communal bath? I'm thinking if I should bring my goggles. B reckons everyone is just gonna dive in straight after the run, in their sweaty running gear. That's not very good pool etiquette, I think. In fact that would be rather disgusting if someone does that in my pool.

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