Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rain, not gone

According to the Chinese horoscopes, we monkeys as supposed to have half a year of bad luck and another half of good. It's nearly July now and I can't figure out which half I've been having so far.

I'm just flipping through the St John's Review now and my article on Queer Eye is in it. The editors gave it a very strange title though, "Christian TV? Queer eye for the straight eye - Reality TV with a difference". Christian TV? Huh?? Mair wa?

It's still raining. As if the skies are weeping for the smug rat of a chief executive we get in the HKSAR.

Last night's run was to South Bay. I don't know why but I was so slow. My whole body felt heavy and my leg muscles were just not doing as they were told. I'd like to blame it on the water bottle I was carrying which was bouncing up and down and rubbing against my back. But that's obviously not it. I lagged behind Erica and this guy called Phillipe the whole time and they waited for me a few times. I told them I know the way so no need to wait la! but they insisted. It was nice of them.

When we arrived at South Bay the restaurant was closed. So we took taxis to Deep Water Bay and landed on this restaurant called Coco's - it didn't look like much since it was pissing down with rain, the place was above the beach's public toilet and changing facilities, and after having gone through the hassle before finding enough taxis for everyone all we wanted were just cold beers and some grub. Prices were steeper than what we usually paid for so there was a bit of tension between the staff (including the chef, who was looking positively pissed off with us peasants) and ourselves (Keith, to be precise, who was going "no way we are paying $200 per head. Tell him $150 or we leave!"). Anyhow four left and the rest stayed, and it turned out to be not such bad food and not such a bad evening afterall.

I'm waiting for the rain to die down a bit. Have to go to the stupid bank to fill out some form to get a new password for internet banking. They have this new policy now where if you enter your password wrongly after three goes, they de-activate your account, much like what they do with ATM cards. I've never typed in my password wrong before they installed this new policy. What's that called again? Murphy's law? I could drink a Murphy's right now.

Then I'll have to go to the police station to report the loss of the business registration of the Hong Kong Sociological Association, of which I am the secretary this term. It is non-stop hassle with this registration business. It has dragged on since February and it must be some kind of record that it takes this bloody long for any secretary to sort out such a small matter.

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