Thursday, July 07, 2005


Ended up "running" with Meela and Erica last night, and they were planning to do the long run. Yeah, "running". For about 15 minutes in all. The rest of the time we spent walking up and down hills, sometimes the same bloody hill twice. Ended up in bloody Lam Tin and had to take the MTR to Choi Hung and then a taxi to Keith's.

Why don't they bloody read the map beforehand? Why don't they make sure at least one person knows the bloody route?

Anyhow, not much of a run. I really need to work harder at making sure I know the route beforehand.


Lost is a pretty good show, and the formula is so simple. For some reason it reminds me of Twin Peaks. The focus is on the characters, their secrets, their dark side (ahem), and each episode lets you in that little bit more on what's going on but nothing is made clear. Bit like reading Bogol, you really have to work your brains to suss out what the hell he's on about.

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