Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm back

Came back Saturday evening after six days lazing about by the pool in Coloane, Macau. For what it's cost, I suppose a lot of people would say why don't you go to Phuket or Cebu or Langkawi or somewhere instead? The truth is, yes, the cost would probably be about the same but I really couldn't be bothered to shop around and get organized and book a package. And I couldn't be bothered to go on a plane. The thought of flying somewhere is exhausting enough in itself. The Westin has got all a beach resort holiday has to offer; it is familiar, it is extremely child-friendly, the service is excellent, and I get to see my friend C and her lovely baby Jasmine whilst there.

The best thing is, T and her girls (husband joined later) were there as well. S seems to be getting along quite well with O, which is a bit of a surprise, and it is always good to have someone who likes to laze around just as much as you do (that would be T), to dilute any feelings of guilt you might experience.

And now that I can swim, it's really a lot of fun messing around in the pool with O. He's very comfortable in the water. We got him this snorkeling set which he's been begging us to buy him. Predictably he didn't enjoy snorkeing as it is at all, and decided the breathing tube serves the better purpose of a machine gun. He wears the mask though, instead of goggles, and looks completely mad in it, all fogged up and all. He said it's better than goggles since you can't breathe through your nose in the snorkeling mask. Is he very smart or the opposite? I don't know.

I was working hard in the gym whilst we were there - for four days I spent at least an hour doing cardio work. It's not as hard as it seems really, in the air-conditioned room watching MTV reading Vanity Fair as I work the LifeCycle, you know. Anyhow, not that I feel any fitter or stronger or anything. Just kinda cancelled out all the cocktails and roast meat I've been gorging myself in the evenings, I guess.

So here we are, on July 17th, with six more weeks of summer holidays before term starts again. And I anticipate eagerly the begining of my six months of good fortune.

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