Sunday, May 08, 2005

Yeah, mother's day. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Update re: previous post!
The leave that "ate" the meat has turned black. Guess it wasn't such a smart idea afterall.


It's American Mother's Day today. For some reason this ex-British colony recognizes this one rather than the British one. My kids made me cards. Not out of their own volition but you know, that's what their teachers told them to do. One reads "I love my mum because she reads me stories at bedtime". The other one reads "Dear mum, I have written this card because you're wonderful. You're kind, you're fun, and the food you make is yummy, and I love you."

And I gave one of them fifty bucks to go get me some flowers yesterday.

B has gone to do that Action Asia Sprint race in Sai Kung this morning. Should be over now. It was pouring down with rain. I mean for once the bloody Observatory got it right (a fluke no doubt) and it was raining so hard visibility was, er, very very low. It stopped now, so I'm gonna get the boys ready and head out to town. To the Space Museum in TST.

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