Sunday, May 15, 2005

Let me reiterate, this is not a beach

Life. Life is not a beach.

I was at the beach today, and it was fun. I lied on the beach with J and let the waves blast us to and fro. Collecting sand in our pants. Laughing away. Weeing in the sea. Eating pizza sprinkled with sand.

It was hot. Even I got burnt.

It was fun.

But life is not like that. Sometimes people dig themselves into a hole. Sometimes, somehow, they couldn't see a way out. Perhaps they refuse to see a way out. It's too bright, too hot, too loud out there? Perhaps somehow they've developed an aversion to the sun.

Sometimes people swim so far out they couldn't swim back. They don't want to sink, but they haven't got the energy to swim back either. And in life, you don't always get lifeguards watching out for you.

Am I a lifeguard? Do I want to be one? Are there any reasons why I shouldn't try to be one?

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