Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Am all set to go for my Wednesday night run debut. B showed me the route on the map. Looks like it's all uphill for the first half, then all down hill for the second. Can't say I'm thrilled to bits with such prospects. But I guess I'll be very happy when it's over.

Just been to the police station to sign the forms and get the cash from the guy who rammed his truck into my car. It was weird. I'd spoken to him and his mother quite a few times over the phone, but when I saw him and when he saw me, he handed me the cash, I counted it, and he left. Are you supposed to say "hello" under these circumstances? Or "still on holiday? when are you going back to school?" .... Perhaps "I hope you've learned your lesson, kid" as I count my cash? Anyhow, it was very strange.

Would you believe it, I left my trainers at home. Will have to go home to fetch them and then head out to Central again. Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh...

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