Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Me, a drinker

Was on my way out when I saw my colleague, lunch boxes in hand.

That your dinner?

Heuh heuh... yeah... you going home?


Wei, I saw your picture in the Apple Daily.


First page tim ar! In some bar in LKF or Wanchai! Didn't you see it?

No! Are you sure that's me? (fuckin' hell, what state was I in....) Why was my picture in it??!!

You were wearing a tank top, showing your tattoo... with your husband.... I think that's your husband anyway. Heuh heuh....

Well I haven't seen it... was I identified?

No, it was a report on breathlysing drinkers...

So I was photographed as a drinker...

Yeah! Heuh heuh....

I was panicking mildly on my way home. Shit. Were we photographed in Dusk till Dawn?? Was it in Lux? Which night was it? Surely it couldn't have been on the front page... why would a lame report like that be on the front page...

When I got home there was already a copy of the Apple Daily on the table. Turns out a neighbour's helper spotted it and SMSed our helper and she went and bought a copy. It wasn't a bad picture, as pictures of me go, but B was looking a bit shifty, his back was facing the camera and it looked as if he's trying to hide his face in his hands. I was sitting upright and looking stone cold sober. Kind of like I was thinking deep thoughts or something.

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