Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No more running till Sunday

I feel bad about calling stupid stupid. Having met with his parents and next door neighbour who was kind of like a brother to him, I feel genuinely sorry for the guy. Turns out it wasn't an email thing he responded to, but some asshole he met through ICQ, offering him a job. He let them use his bank account for money laundering and now he's in trouble.

His parents seemed like really nice people and it was obvious they love their son dearly. The neighbour apparently has been doing all the running around making phone calls etc. to help stupid. I'm going to write this letter and also ask the big potatoes in my department to see if they could help also. Anyhow..... so, what I mean is, I'm sorry. I hope he doesn't get convicted.

Managed to squeeze in a nice run up Kadoorie farm and back. That uphill climb towards the farm wasn't nearly half as painful as I remember it to be. My knee started to hurt a bit as I ran down but I started concentrating on how my feet landed on the ground instead of going "oh my God my knee is so sore!" and the pain started to subside. It was a bright and cool afternoon, and the further I ran along Lam Kam Road the quieter it got. At one point there was no sound of traffic at all. Just the birds, the clear sky, the hills.

I haven't been wearing my MP3 player on my last two runs and at first, I found myself counting my steps. Then I started paying more attention to the rhythm of my breathing. Then random thoughts started flowing in and out of my head and today, at one point I found myself singing a hymn. Out loud! I thought that was pretty cool.

I also witnessed roadkill in the form of a chicken-like bird. I've seen quite a few dead dogs in my three and a half years as a driver but not birds. You would have thought that city birds should have evolved well enough to be able to dodge motor vehicles, or at least well enough not to fly low, right? Wrong. I'm sure it wasn't a chicken since it was flying, but it was about the size of a fat hen. With brown feathers. It was flying low and a van hit it as it came down the hill. The collision made a loud noice. BANG! And that was the end of that bird.

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Which hymn?