Wednesday, March 09, 2005

There is a reason for everything. Usually.

Those pants that cops on motorbikes wear do not look good. They look like horseback riding attire. Motorbikes don't look anything like horses, well to me they don't!

Reason I mention this is that I had to go into the Sheung Shui Police Station today to have my statement taken, regarding the accident around four weeks ago when a truck (moronic driver!) reversed into my car. The policeman responsible for my case was suitably sympathetic and he seemed to genuinely believe that the other driver was lying. But there was not enough evidence to prove either side of the story so it is unlikely that the police will press charges against either party. He was wearing those pants.

All very boring, very predictable stuff. Even more preditable was the fact that I got lost on my way from the police station to Tuen Mun. Well I didn't get lost as in I didn't know where I was or where I was going. I knew exactly where I had to go but just kept missing turns or getting into the right lane too late. At one point, after circling around industrial park type areas and narrow streets overflowing with pedestrians for what seemed like hours, I finally managed to get to the roundabout I wanted. Elation. Got into the leftest lane, obviously the safest thing to do, only to find out it was an EXIT to Kowloon, i.e. the exact opposite of where I wanted to be. There were no signs indicating that was an exit and not a lane to the roundabout. Actually, there could have been one. There was a lot of vegetation. The sign might have been hiding or camouflaging. I had no choice but to head for Kowloon. Head for home. I took it all very well, all things considered. I laughed (threw my head back and tossed hair I do not have) and headed for Park'n Shop where I bought a cheese roll for $2.50, a tuna roll for $4.50 and a can of Diet Coke for $3.90. I regained my strength. Turned back and headed for Tuen Mun as if nothing had happened.

The real revelation, actually, is that the Sheung Shui police station is not in Sheung Shui at all. It's in Fanling. And to get to Fanling, you have to follow the signs that say "Wo Hop Shek" instead. If you follow the sign that says Fanling you'll end up in Sheung Shui.

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