Saturday, February 12, 2005

My CNY doings

Time seems to have passed even more quickly than ever. Today is Saturday already and it's all back to normal on Monday when the holidays are officially over. The most amazing thing about this Chinese New Year is that the sky is so clear and all the pollution is gone. Guess the factories in China are all closed for the holidays and therefore very little industrial waste has been pumped into the air over the past few days. It's lovely out there right now, warm, sunny, dry. I'll probably go for a short run along the riverbank later.

We just got back from a party at the house of a kid at J's playgroup. Lion dance, food, drinks, games for the kids etc. Nice. Yesterday we didn't do much; B took O to the Heritage Museum and I hung out with J at home. The day before that, we went to Pui O beach on Lantau Island and had quite a nice time lying around drinking beer and watching the kids roam around.

I'm not looking forward to next week. I've got lots of teaching lined up and the thought of it is depressing. The truth is, I love being idle. I enjoy being in that state. Fortunately my busy teaching weeks are only gonna last for a month or so and after that work should be less hectic.

Life is good when you've got some idling to look forward to.

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