Sunday, February 13, 2005

Wallet, gone

Had a good night last night, if not for the fact that my wallet got nicked in Yumla. Started off in this bar call Marlin's which got a rave review along with a very attractive picture in the HK Magazine. I must have passed that joint several dozen times and no wonder I never went in. It's okay but nothing to write about. Then had a drink in W's and then went to the C Club which was really interesting. It kinda reminded me of Hot Gossip in the 1980s. Very dark (as in lack of light, not macabre you see), very tacky, very overpriced drinks, very cheesy looking clientele. Two half pints of Carlsberg cost nearly HKD 80. It had a cage in the middle of the dancefloor and the music was shite, as in impossible to dance to. B spotted two middle aged looking blokes who kept putting their glasses up to their foreheads to check out their female companions. I quite liked that place though, it's nice to go to a tacky joint every now and then. It's surprisingly uplifting. Then moved on to Ah-ha to meet up with Mable where we had some food, then to Yumla. The music was marginally better this time and I was having quite a good time all in all, until I realized my wallet was gone from my bag when the taxi arrived at our place. Discounting the loss of my wallet, I did pretty well, only had four alcoholic drinks all night. Yipee hey hey!!

This morning after church we went to the police station on Hollywood Road to report my lost ID card etc. We must have been the ONLY people in HK who didn't know that the police station there has been closed. In fact, now I remember watching it on the news that the building has been declared some kind of heritage architecture to be protected what not. So we treaded down to Queen's Road Central to the Police Service Center there (that's what it's called I didn't make this up). Two painfully miserable looking officers were sitting at the counter. It took the officer thirty minutes to type up my list of lost property (seven items in all) and personal details (name, address, id card number). I think he can't type. In fact, come to think of it, he didn't type. He was using the mouse only. He was probably clicking on some key pad on screen. Very strange. Both cops looked as if they were bored out of their tits.

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