Monday, February 28, 2005

In need of some shut eye time

Still overwhelmed with tiredness. I need to sleep. I can feel the onslaught of another one of these dam-breaking periods coming my way. The gushing of dark red blood, mixed with lumps of dead cells from my uterus, supersize tampons soaked shapeless in fifteen minutes.**

Could try my luck and go give blood again today, but (1) don't have time and (2) the nurses at Red Cross might start getting suspicious about why I'm so keen to give blood. And NO! I'm not thinking that giving blood will ease my period I'm not that stupid! Yet! I just can't accept the fact that I might be suffering from iron deficienty. I mean, I eat well and am pretty fit and everything, right? This failing of the haemoglobin test thing is messing with my subjective identity and I don't like it.

Still got piles of work to do. Need to re-revise that paper for the Journal of Family and Economic Issues and get it done asap; got to attend an interivew for the AIA Young Leader Development Programme in fifteene minutes; tutorial at 4:30; then supposed to meet with T go to this seminar on plastic surgery for the eyes, then EFM. I don't think I could do all that.

** I wonder if this last sentence will do anything for the hit rate of my blog.

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