Thursday, January 20, 2005

Backchat Today

I'm calling it a work-from-home day today. Not quite the same as skiving.

Got in late last night and had to be at RTHK for 8:30 for a show. The topic today is about a parent who got home from work to find their 9 month old baby left alone in the apartment whilst the domestic helper was out chatting to a friend. This parent wrote into the SCaMPie to warn other parents not to trust their domestic helpers too much. Apparently some guy wrote in to say this unfortunate incident is proof that a mother's place is in the home, not at work.

So me, the editor of a parenting magazine, a representative from a migrant workers association and a writer - ALL women - were invited to sit around and talk about this.

Before I go into what happened at the show, I just want to mention one annoying thing that happened before the show started. The producer asked if I'd like any coffee or tea, and I said yes please tea would be very nice. On hearing my reply she kinda paused and said okay, some tea.... then I said, yes, tea with milk please. She repeated, tea with milk. Then this guy standing behind her smirked, dashed me a condesending look, and repeated, ah, tea with milk. And I'm like, what the hell. Are you guys decendents of parrots or what. Finally she had to come clean and said, well, what I have is instant coffee.... so I said, some water will do, thanks. So, even though she offered a choice of tea and coffee to begin with, I ended up having distilled water.

Tiredness is overcoming me. I gotta lie down for a while. More about the show later.

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