Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today, simplified

I'm skiving off today. Been productive so far. I've been for a run, had a fag, showered, listened to music, checked and returned emails, and consumed food.

List of activities to complete:

1. paid visa card bill
2. spend quality time with 3 year old son
3. grocery shopping
4. edit conclusion for gender book
5. spend quality time with 6 year old son
6. upload Ash and PJ Harvey onto iPod
7. call auntie Grace
8. consume more food
9. check out victoris secrets sale
10. meet T for a drink

Alright I lied. This is no proper skiving at all. Just look at the bloody list. You're damn right it's long. I'll shorten it:

1. paid visa card bill
2. meet T for a drink

Much tidier and more parsimonious too, no?

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