Thursday, January 20, 2005

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Had a nap and then went to meet up with a friend who was going to show me the way to the garage she uses. This woman obviously has little experience in leading another car to a particular destination. We are talking complete disregard for me, the follower. Predictably enough the mad bitch stepped on it at a set of changing lights and I lost her. After numerous attempts at re-establishing contact (plenty of swearing involved, I tell'ya), I finally managed to find her. Anyway, it turns out to be a waste of time afterall cos apparently having the car checked there wouldn't have been much cheaper than having it done at the authorized dealer's. And the si fu there reminded me that I can only have the 5 years guarantee for the car from the authorized dealer ONLY IF I have it serviced at their garage. Anyhow, after this traumatized experience I'm now back where I was, continuing my day of "work-from-home".

Only that I can't really work right now, cos both monkeys are at home and a friend's kid is over here to play so there's a lot of noise and I'm too tired and hungry to think about work. I can only manage something mindless like upload more songs onto the iPod.

About today's show. The parenting magazine editor, was going on and on about some survey done at Monash university about how Australian women prefer not to have kids cos motherhood has very low social status, and how that maybe a reason why fertility rate is decreasing in Australia. It's a survey, okay? But she was hanging onto it like Stallone in Cliffhanger.

The other two guests were in another studio and we can only see them on a puney TV screen. They both talked good sense, unlike me, who was still hungover and half worrying about how my hair would look once I took those massive headphones off. The topic was right up my street and as a result I was talking two-minute sentences in one breath. After my mini lecture the presenters stopped making eye contact with me.

What was surprising was that quite a few domestic helpers phoned in. The poor souls were all literally pouring their hearts out and once they got started, like me, they couldn't stop. The controller had to cut one caller off cos she was at it for like 5 minutes, going on and on about how she works really hard and treats the employer's kids as her own, etc. "Oh, looks like we've just lost Arcie". The buggers.

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