Sunday, December 05, 2004

MTR - what makes HK proud

Hong Kong boasts one of the world's cleanest, most efficient, and cheapest public transport systems. The MTR is my favourite. I so prefer it to the boring double decker bus where all you get to watch is the Roadshow. There is so much more to see:

1. People clipping their fingernails with a nail clipper.
2. A person squeezing the spots on another person's face. And appearing to be enjoying it.
3. Parents verbally abusing their childern over their exam results.
4. International school kids talking loud bastardized American English on the subject of their supposed drug use over the weekend.
5. Men reading the "sexy" pages of Apple/Oriental Daily, studying pictures of bare tits or the brothels reviews.
6. Common looking women rubbing cream over her arms. Massaging it in. For like ten minutes.
7. People making "tsseeiik, tsseeiik" sounds from trying to dislodge bits of food stuck between their teeth.
8. Passengers sitting down pretending a heavily pregnant woman is invisible.
9. Chubby abnoxious looking children saying to their Filipino nannies "my mom said you are stupid, she will fire you soon".
10. Old men and teenage wasters swearing at one another whilst fighting over last remaining seat.

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