Monday, December 06, 2004

What use is money if you can't spend it?

Just been to a training session run by our IT dept to introduce us to some spanking new features of the "Banner System", which is an all-round web-based thing, costing millions of dollars, allowing us to do all sorts of everything with it any time, any where, with any computer that is connected to the internet. Aforementioned spanking new features include:

1. Can now view students' photos - ten at a time
2. Can now email them - one at a time
3. Can view your own CV

I'm sure some people will find these features really useful but that ain't me I'm sorry to say.

Two years after Banner was first introduced, i.e. the same two years after the previous FoxPro based system called Legacy has been mercilessly trashed, after those exact two years of complaining and bitching from users about how CRAP and utterly USELESS Banner is, the IT guys and gals finally decided to reincarnate Legacy under the new name of "Banner Tools", another FoxPro system which basically does the same thing as Legacy.

So now, you can have the choice of either using the web-based million dollar costing Banner system which has become bit of a running joke amongst staff, or the reincarnated FoxPro system which everyone knows and loves.

And now everybody's happy! Yipee!!!!!

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